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Everyone will have back pain at some point in their lifetime. When it's you or your clients, will you know what to do? Be prepared to offer wellness programs to those with special needs due to back pain.

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Don’t let back pain prevent you from being able to exercise any longer. Use the links below to find one of our licensed YUR Back instructors in your area, or purchase an instructional video to exercise at home.

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About YUR Back

The YUR Back exercise program, created by Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby combines therapeutic exercise, Pilates, and muscle balancing techniques to create a safe and effective work out for those recovering from low back pain.

Dr. Romani-Ruby incorporates exercises and movements from evidence based research that create a challenging work out without exacerbation of low back pain.

Strengthening the core, arms and legs, the YUR Back program also improves posture, can be done with or without equipment, and is even safe for those with osteoporosis or scoliosis.

YUR Back Interview Videos

The clips below were taken from an interview with Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby discussing the YUR Back program and what it's designed to accomplish. Created in her studio, PHI Pilates in Pittsburgh, PA, the program is designed to help those suffering from back pain be able to work out again.

The Goal

Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby discusses the goal of the YUR Back program.


Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby discusses the creation of the YUR Back program.


Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby discusses the basics of how the YUR Back program works.


Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby discusses the components of the YUR Back program.


  • I really enjoyed your presentation and all the various moves and exercises related to spinal stenosis relief and strengthening. I learned a lot and you're a great teacher. I love how you integrate your PT background with Pilates and body movement and muscle relationship to postural orientation. I'm excited to try some of exercises on even my regular clients.
    Lisa Trunk
  • The YUR Back principles and exercises that I learned with you last month have been so incredibly helpful. This past month we seem to have been inundated with clientele with back issues and I have really been able to apply the principles.
    Melissa Sherbondy

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